Wrist Compression Sleeves

Sparthos wrist sleeve offers compression and improves blood circulation, relieving symptoms of arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, sprains, or general wrist aches.

  In the Package

1 x Pair of Wrist Compression Sleeves


Q: How tight should sleeves feel?
A: The wrist sleeves should have a good firm fit, but should not be cutting off your circulation.

Q: Is there any latex on it?
A: Yes, the sleeves are made from spandex, nylon yarn, and high-elastic latex yarn. The actual latex is inside the thread.

Q: Are sleeves specific to each hand? Or they can be worn interchangeably?
A: Our sleeves are universal. You can wear it on either left or right hand.

Q: How long can I wear them?
A: The general guidance for any compression product is to remove after 6-8 hours of wear or whenever you feel discomfort. But if you feel great, you can wear it as much as you want.

Q: The thumb hole is too small for my hand. What can I do?
A: For cases where the thumb hole opening is too small or does not fit, we advise you to lightly dampen and stretch the thumb hole to widen it out a bit. You may also cut a small part of the thumb hole to increase the area of the opening. Some people also roll the hand section down over their wrist to solve this problem. Furthermore, we advise you to measure the dimensions of your hand to check the appropriate size for you. Every person is different, and we are continually working to improve the design to provide a better fit for everyone.

Q: Can I sleep in these?
A: Yes, if you feel great, you can wear it while sleeping.

Q: Can I swim in these?
A: Yes, but it may affect the longevity of the sleeves. We would also recommend air drying.

Q: Do these sleeves block the sun?
A: Yes, the sleeves block the sun.

Q: Are the sleeves hypoallergenic?
A: Yes, our sleeves are hypoallergenic.

  Product Care

Please follow our washing instructions for the best results and longevity.


• You may machine wash your Wrist Sleeves, but hand washing is recommended and may help extend the life of your product
• Machine wash in cold/cool water (~ 86°F), using the gentle or delicate cycle setting
• Wash using any regular laundry detergent with no additives (do no use fabric softeners)


• Lay your sleeves flat to air dry, do not hang them to dry as it may stretch out
Do not dry in a dryer. It may compromise the fabric


Your Sparthos product is covered by a free from manufacturing defects warranty for 12 months. Normal wear and tear during the usage of the product is not considered a defect.


Model: SPWS07
Composition: Spandex, Breathable Non-irritating Yarn (Nylon Yarn and High-elastic Latex Yarn)


  1. just got my product today! and so far feels comfortable and snug.

  2. Janice Kramer says:

    Terrific compression wrist sleeves! I have carpal tunnel issues, but these came in much more helpful after I had broken my wrist and had to have surgery. I was able to use my computer and not be in pain, 8 weeks after surgery.

  3. Becki says:

    Just received my wrist sleeves. They seem to fit great. I am ready to see how well they work when I work this week…

  4. Nikki Buchan says:

    I love these…they are so awesome and are really helping.

  5. Raymond Danner says:

    This is my second set of wrist sleeves (first set was Amazon Warehouse, so was a return) so I was aware of the quality. The first set of wrist sleeves fit and worked well, so when my elbows both got tennis elbow due to various issues, I had no qualms ordering elbow sleeves to alleviate and help heal that issue.
    Aside from dry skin, have had no problems, and it is helping.

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