Sparthos Kinesiology Tape

Sparthos Kinesiology Tape helps increase Kinesio blood circulation and reduces inflammation, which makes it incredible support for athletic sports and recovery.

  How To Use

This tape comes with a downloadable e-guide containing most common taping ways and how to specifically tape each one. You can download this guide here: Sparthos Taping Guide.


Q: Is this something I can easily apply myself?
A: Short answer is Yes! But please make sure you check our guide on proper taping techniques so that you are getting the appropriate effect for the support. A bad tape job can work against the purpose you are trying to help and make things worse.

Q: Is there something that we can use to ease the pain while removing the tape?
A: You may apply oil directly onto the tape, rub it in and wait for around 5-10 minutes before removing it slowly. It will help reduce the stickiness of the tape and make it easier to remove. Make sure to remove the tape in the same direction as the growth of the hair underneath it.

Q: Does this tape leave any residue on your skin after you remove it?
A: No, it does not leave any residue. However, if worn for a long time, there might be some residue around the edges which can be easily removed by water or oil.

Q: Is this cotton or synthetic kinesiology tape?
A: Sparthos Tape is a cotton tape.

Q: Is there a difference in the colors in terms of stickiness and durability?
A: None, strength and stickiness are identical on all colors. Different colors are purely for cosmetic purposes and aesthetics.

Q: Are these in precut strips?
A: No, they are not. There are lines on the back that you can use to be able to follow if you need to cut in strips.

Q: How long will the kinesiology tape stay on, when doing sports daily?
A: This depends on several factors, including the location of the taped area, skill in application, and oil/hair on the skin. High activity areas like the knee or foot encounter more stress, leading to a shorter duration. Areas such as shoulders or backs last much longer.

Q: Can it be used as abdominal support during pregnancy?
A: Yes, but please make sure to follow the proper taping guide if it is to be used for this purpose.

Q: Can you also use this tape to help lift the breasts?
A: Yes, definitely! This is not the intended purpose of our tape but works really well.

Q: I want to put some on one spot on my neck to cover up a tattoo while at work. Will this work?
A: Yes, It will cover up really well.

Q: Could it be used to cover a rough spot on a sandal that is rubbing and causing blisters?
A: Yes, our tape can be used for that. However, it may come off faster because of the amount of friction from the sandal.

Q: Will it stay on when swimming?
A: Yes, definitely. However, exposing it to water will reduce its expected lifespan, as it can interfere with the adhesive. Please note that it will not prevent water from soaking through the covered area. Rather, it is waterproof in that the adhesive will not suddenly fail if it gets wet.

Q: Is it hypoallergenic and latex-free?
A: Yes, our Kinesiology Tape is 100% Latex Free and hypoallergenic.


Composition: 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex
Adhesive: Latex-Free Hypoallergenic adhesive

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