Compression Socks

Sparthos compression socks use graduated compression all along your ankle and calf to improve blood flow to your muscles which dramatically decreases swelling and inflammation.

  In the Package

1 x Pair of Compression Socks


Q: What is the compression rating offered by these socks?
A: The compression rating of Sparthos Compression socks is 20-30mmHg

Q: Is latex a part of the materials used to produce this product?
A: No, there is no latex in our socks.

Q: Can you sleep with these socks?
A: Sparthos compression socks are comfortable for sleeping. They also help with blood circulation. You can definitely sleep with our socks on.

Q: Are the compression socks helpful for long travel?
A: Yes, our socks are a great choice for air travel.

Q: I need to sit about 8 hours a day, will the support socks fit for me?
A: Yes. They are perfect for that!

  Product Care

Please follow our washing instructions for the best results and longevity.


• You may machine wash your Arch Sleeves, but hand washing is recommended and may help extend the life of your product
• Machine wash in cold/cool water (~ 86°F), using the gentle or delicate cycle setting
• Wash using any regular laundry detergent with no additives (do no use fabric softeners)


• Lay your sleeves flat to air dry, do not hang them to dry as it may stretch out
Do not dry in a dryer. It may compromise the fabric


Your Sparthos product is covered by a free from manufacturing defects warranty for 12 months. Normal wear and tear during the usage of the product is not considered a defect.


Model: SCS005
Composition: 47% Nylon, 33% Elastane, 20% Spandex.


  1. Best compression socks on the market! I’ve tried them all. Compression, Ez on and off, all day comfort. Great fit ,I got the xxl and I wear a size 14

  2. Roger Vance says:

    I’m looking forward to trying these. I’ve had trouble finding socks that fit my large calves. Parthos offers XXL sizing, so that is a plus.

  3. Abby Sargent says:

    How can I order a pair of your socks? What is the sizing and cost?

  4. Shannon H says:

    Best fit and feel ever. Really really well made. Love the look. Color really pops

  5. JJ Martinez says:

    Awesome tape. Hope to try out the socks!

  6. Jeanine Harvey says:

    Nice quality socks. They feel good. I ordered LXL. My shoe size 9 1/2, calf 19-20, I am 5 ft 4. A few inches too long for me. I have to cuff them down.

  7. Philip Frincke says:

    Great fit

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