Sparthos Back Brace

Sparthos Back Brace gives you immediate & lasting relief from herniated disc, sciatica, back pain, sore muscles, and other back conditions. Wear it when you walk, bend or stretch. Enjoy the freedom of movement!

  In the Package

1x Back Brace
1x Removable Lumbar Pad (attached to the brace)

  How To Use

1. Position the bottom of the back brace just above the top of the buttocks. Let the outer detachable velcro straps hang freely

2. Fasten the inner belt

3. Pull the outer adjustment straps to tighten for the best back support feel

4. It is not necessary to center the logo. The brace works well in all pictured positions. Your comfort is what’s most important!


Q: Does this brace come with an ebook guide on how to use it?
A: This brace comes with a downloadable e-guide containing a lot of info about back pain. You can also download this guide here: Back Brace Guide.

Q: Can you wear this under clothing comfortably?
A: Yes. Our brace was specially designed, making it less bulky, comfortable, and at the same time, will still provide the best support you need.

Q: How long can you wear at a time?
A: The general guidance for any back brace is not to wear longer than 8 hours per day. It is important to note that just like in any supplemental support device, you do need to give your back a rest from wearing it as it can weaken your back muscle if used continuously for a very long period.

Q: Can I wear the brace while sleeping?
A: Yes, our product is comfortable enough to be used while sleeping. However, please be advised not to use it continuously for a very long period.

Q: Does this brace stay in place?
A: Yes, it does stay in place. The brace has adjustable straps as well to tighten or loosen it to your comfort.

Q: Are the insertable support stays made of bendable plastic or rigid metal?
A: The support stays are made from plastic to have the ability to adapt to your body. Also, it will not cause metal detectors to go off in some work environments that are required.

Q: Does this brace contain latex?
A: No, our brace does not contain latex.

Q: Can this be worn while working out, especially when lifting weights?
A: While our back brace offers excellent support for some of your workouts, it is not intended to replace weight belts. Still, our brace is great for casual workouts.

Q: Can pregnant women wear it?
A: Unfortunately No. Please look for maternity belts.

Q: Does this brace work for SI joint pain?
A: No, this brace is not intended for SI Joint pain. This is the brace for that:

  Product Care

Please follow our washing instructions for the best results and longevity.


• You may machine wash your Back Brace, but hand washing is recommended and may help extend the life of your product
• Machine wash in cold/cool water (~ 86°F), using the gentle or delicate cycle setting
• Ensure that velcro tabs are secured and not hanging loose or attached to the knit, which can snag and cause runs in the fabric. Mesh washing bag is recommended
• Wash using any regular laundry detergent with no additives (do no use fabric softeners)


• Lay your support flat to air dry, do not hang it to dry as it may stretch out
Do not dry in a dryer. It may compromise the fabric


Your Sparthos product is covered by a free from manufacturing defects warranty for 12 months. Normal wear and tear during the usage of the product is not considered a defect.


Model: SSBBR02
Composition: 90% Polyester, 10% Nylon


  1. I have not worn the back brace to workout yet but it does feel very comfortable and supportive to my lower back. I do get sometimes from walking and just everyday chores and sitting too long some back pain. I also have been diagnosed with Spinal stenosis, Siatica, and Osteoarthritis. I do keep active and exercise and do yoga when I can and this all helps. I think the back brace is well supportive and made well to help with all my muscle and nerve problems.

  2. Quiknodda Downer says:

    I came to this website to buy a brace but I don’t see the option to buy.

  3. Cathy says:

    How do I know what size to order

  4. Eloise Mclaughlin says:

    I wore the back brace to a reunion and was there for 6 hrs and my back did not hurt. I have bulging discs , helped me to set straight and keep good posture. That is important..

  5. Wow! I have two other back braces. Just received this SPARTHOS belt and am impressed. I expected it to give support about eww all to my old ones…but it goes beyond either of them. Thanks for developing it, not much different than the others, just gives better support.

  6. Ralph W Sorrell says:

    How do you choose the size? My waist is 36 inches.

  7. Happy to hear you have a one-year warranty on your backbraces. The new back brace arrived today. Thank you Bheng for your exemplary customer service. I contacted Amazon to let them know you quickly and efficiently resolved this issue.

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